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Attwoods Full Management Service, is suited for those landlords who want to enjoy the benefit of owning a rental property, but don’t want to deal with the hassle that may come with being a landlord. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and let Attwoods do all the work.

  • We will fully advertise and market the property on all relevant property portals, arrange viewings and interview prospective tenants for the property. On the landlord’s agreement, we will submit tenant’s details for referencing, and once completed, put together all necessary tenancy agreements and paperwork (all of this is detailed further in our Tenant Find Service).
  • We will fully set up the tenancy, including a full property inventory and schedule of conditions, protection of deposit, arrange changeover of all utility suppliers and council tax (as detailed further in the Rental Collection Service).
  • On the start date of the tenancy, we will collect the first months’ rent and the security deposit. We will then pass the rental payment to the landlord with a remittance advice (as detailed further in the Rental Collection Service).
  • We will arrange the set-up of rental payments, and will remit the payments on a monthly basis to the Landlord, complete with a remittance advice. The remittance advice will detail all funds that have been paid.
  • In the event of any emergency, Attwoods will provide the tenants with emergency contact numbers for the tenants to use in the event of an maintenance emergency, or if it is out of office working hours.
  • We will deal with all aspects of management of the property, including any major/minor repairs to the property.
  • In the event of any arrears that arise during the tenancy, or breaches of the tenancy agreement, the Landlord will be advised accordingly.
  • Throughout the tenancy, all contact from the Tenants will be through Attwoods. In fact, the Tenant will not even be provided with the Landlord’s contact details, to ensure that the landlords are not hassled or given any problems.
  • We will visit your property on a quarterly basis, to check that the property is being kept in a good order and any damage incurred will be reported.
  • At the end of the tenancy, we will carry out a full check out inspection and report back to the Landlord and Tenant and advise accordingly and arrange the return of the deposit. If there are any disagreements, we will mediate between the Landlord and Tenant.

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