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Our Tenant Find Service does exactly what it says – we find tenants for you. This service is for the more experienced landlords, those who like to be involved in the tenancy and involved in making decisions.

Our Tenant Find Service includes:

  • We will provide advice on the rental that may be achieved by discussing current market conditions and presenting a list of comparable properties.Fully advertise and market the property in the office, office high street window, on Attwoods website, and property portals Rightmove and On The Market, in order to secure a suitable tenant.
  • Upon landlord permission, we will interview prospective tenants and arrange for appropriate references to be achieved. An independent referencing agent to undertake credit and personal checks on all prospective tenants.
  • After completion of references, Attwood will produce the appropriate tenancy agreement and necessary paperwork.
  • We arrange the signing of all documents, payments of first month’s rent and deposit and collection of keys on the start date of the tenancy in our office.
  • The first month’s rent and deposit then gets passed onto the landlord, complete with a remittance advice detailing all costs. An addition fee is required to lodge and protect the deposit for you - £54.00 (£45.00 + VAT).
  • After the move in, you will be responsible for all maintenance and queries regarding the tenancy. The Landlord will receive the rental payments direct, they will be the first port of call if there is any problems.
  • Attwoods will always be available if guidance and advice is needed, simple call, email or pop into our high street office in order to speak to us.

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Tenant Find Service